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Hi InternetLand! This is my first attempt at posting a blog…so I guess we’ll just see what happens. I’ve been looking for a place to chronicle the events of my daily life, as well as some interaction with other moms (or dads or non-parents-i’m not picky!) My life has changed so dramatically in the last few years and not having any friends my age with children, I’m beginning to feel somewhat like a loner! I’ve got quite a story to tell, beginning years ago and continuing at a rapid pace, so I’m not quite sure what the format of this blog is going to be yet. Maybe just a big mixture of this and that, while attempting to entertain, inspire, and start some conversation with my readers! *Please Lord, let someone read this!!* I will warn you though, be ready to take in some pictures of the most amazing little boy I’ve ever met. (some might call me biased) I may also throw in a little about my husband Don, a chef and all around amazing guy! We’ve become quite the little family! Our life in Oklahoma may not sound like intense reading, but aside from the Oklahoma part-let me tell you, it sure feels intense. Never a dull moment, and as much as I try to simplify, nothing seems to get done simply. So, I am going to give this thing a shot, whether it be during Wiley’s naps, or after his bedtime, and hopefully it will turn out to be a rewarding venture!






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